Scripts and Access from Non-Standard Devices

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Postby imjimsmith » Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:15 am

Well this topic really blew up, which was not my intention. I meant it simply as a reminder to our vets and a notice to our new friends who have joined in the past couple of months. With that said, I will conclude this topic with the following. This app was built years ago and likely has vulnerabilities which will continue to surface should people with too much time and too little to do continue to poke around. We will continue to monitor and patch as possible, but to create an environment free from any possible intervention is likely not a path we will go down. To do this would come at the cost of future development in the app which is not our priority.

This is my call to the PE community - don't feed the trolls.

Continue to report suspect activity and players, but don't respond to them in the game or post messages here in the forum. Email me details - - and I will work with Kevvo to continue to repair holes in the fence. Don't accept them into your army or trade with them. Block and mute the profiles and don't let them have the satisfaction of seeing our community get upset. We're better than that.

Finally, to our new NEET friends, you are welcome to stay and enjoy our app and join our community. If you are simply here to ruffle feathers, you are not welcome.

Christmas and the event are just around the corner! Warm up those clicking fingers and get ready for some fun.
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